These Disney Movie Theories Will Blow Your Mind


Disney has been making their animated movies since 1937. Chances are you've seen most of them. However there are some pretty interesting theories behind some of the more recent Disney movies, mostly the Pixar films. 

There's an entire theory that's been around for years that every single Pixar movie is connected in someway. They all exist that in the same universe but in different times. It's actually pretty mind blowing if you dive into it. 

The above video showcases some of the more popular Disney theories that have been around for years. 

For instance:

  • Aladdin takes place in the future (not the past)
  • Jane (Tarzan) is related to Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
  • Monsters Inc - Monsters are afraid of humans because of the bubonic plague 
  • The Snow White theory - has to do with drug use
  • Toy Story and Walking Dead are the same (this one is pretty funny)
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