Kevin Durant vs Rihanna Was The Best Highlight From The NBA Finals

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With my Boston Celtics out of the mix I wasn't really planning on paying that much attention to the NBA finals. The first game was a total blowout. Golden State beat up on the Cavs the way the Cavs beat up on my Celtics. 

While LeBron and company didn't bring much competition for the Warriors, Kevin Durant sought it out in other places. One of those places was with Rihanna? 

I guess the two don't really like each other? Maybe it's because Rihanna appears to be a pretty big fan of LeBron James from what I've seen on her Instagram in the past. 


Back to the story at hand, Kevin Durant seemed to throw shade Rihanna's way. He sunk a big shot and totally stared her down in the stands after hitting it. Check out the video clip below.


Rihanna seemed to be the talk of the finals on TV and even the reporters noticed Durant's looks to the crowd. 

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