You Need To Go To Famous Lunch In Troy For Your Next Meal

Photo: BJ Ragone

If you're a Troy, NY native you know that there is one hot dog place that you're loyal to. That would be Famous Lunch on Congress St. They've been doing the mini hot dog thing since 1932 and are still serving them up 85 years later. 


I honestly think that the reason why people keep coming back is because they've been doing it the same way for years. You walk in, they're cooking up the hot dogs right in the front.

Order what you want. Personally I just get the hot dogs, but they have burgers and other sandwiches, too. Also they have fries. You can get Zippy Fries if you feel daring (those come with their famous hot dog meat sauce on top). I just get 6 with (meat sauce, onions, mustard) and skip the rest. Mostly because I want room for more hot dogs, but they do have good fries. 


There are a lot of options when it comes to hot dogs in the Capital Region, but you need to hit up this classic gem in Troy for your next meal. 

It's totally worth it. 

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