Happy National Chocolate Chip Day

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Have you ever discovered a holiday by accident? That's what I did today. I was just scrolling through twitter (follow me @bjragone if you like) and happened upon national chocolate chip day. Not chocolate chip cookie day, but just chocolate chips. 

This is great! Sure chocolate chip cookies are fantastic but chocolate chips have so many more uses besides just cookies. One of my personal favorites is just curing that chocolate craving at night by eating a handful. Delicious. 

Here's a few more uses:

  • Add them to brownies to make them even better
  • Great topping for ice cream
  • Perfect for that sweet part of trail mix
  • Melt them down and dip fruit in them
  • Put them in pancakes

I'm sure there are a whole lot more uses for these sweet treats but I just wanted to make everyone aware that if you're going to indulge in chocolate chips, today is the day!

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