There is Now Pickle Juice Soda - Would You Try It?


We live in a day and age when people want to try new things. That includes soda. No longer is there just cola, root beer, orange, lemon lime, and other. Now we're in the time of pickle juice soda. Yes, pickle juice soda. 

This different style of soda can be found at Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop. They're located in Pennsylvania and Ohio, so you'll have to plan a road trip if you want to try it. But would you try it?

As for me, BJ the Web Guy, I would totally give this a shot. I love pickles and have been known to drink the juice from time to time (don't judge me!). However Kevin & Shanna both say no way. Mostly because they don't like pickles. 

What about you?

BJ The Web Guy

BJ The Web Guy

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