Dead Calls Documentary Sad, Uplifting

ANAHEIM, CA - JANUARY 23:  Musicians Bob Weir and Mickey Hart  of the band

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The Grateful Dead's new documentary,  "Long Strange Trip" is coming out next month.  The four-hour flick was  produced by Martin Scorsese, and covers the Dead's career and the death  of frontman Jerry Garcia.  In a new interview, drummer Mickey Hart  revealed that the film was tough to watch saying, "It's charming and  it's heartfelt.  But it's sad in some ways. It's not a date movie."  Guitarist Bob Weir agrees but said the uplifting overtone of the film  overrides the somber moments.  Weir claims, "A lot of the stories in the  film are fairly dark, but there's a light that shines above all of  that. [It's] counterbalanced by the music itself."

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