Ayla Brown Is One Hot Country Girl You Need On Your Radar

Photos Courtesy: Ayla Brown

If Ayla Brown looks familiar to you that's because she is. She was an NCAA basketball player at Boston College, an American Idol Season 5 semifinalist, and right now she's on the cusp of breaking out as a big star in country music. 

Hey, nothing wrong with a country girl. The 28-year-old is originally from Massachusetts but now is laser focused on her country music career and is in Nashville. By the way, she's also pretty good at posting hot photos to Instagram. Give her a follow here

Courtesy: Ayla Brown

We were able to sit down with her and ask her some questions. 

1. How long have you been singing?

I have been singing for as long as I can remember, but even with private encouragement from my parents to always sing, I never had an outlet until high school. While there, I join every chorus and singing group I could think of, which met during or before school. After school was always dedicated to sports (I went to Boston College on a basketball scholarship), so the time I had to sing was always special to me. When I was a senior in high school, I tried out and placed 13th on American Idol (season 5). It was the first time I ever performed with a band, on TV, or even signed an autograph. I had a LOT of firsts, and enjoyed every single one of them! 

2. If you weren't singing what would you be doing with your life?

Oh my gosh, that's almost impossible to answer. My old self would have said "Be a professional basketball player!" But I've grown up a lot since then, and my body definitely wouldn't be able to keep up with that, so I would try and do something that involved some sort of travel. I love experiencing new cultures and food, and I've been very blessed to have had the opportunity to travel to 13 different countries to sing for our men and women in uniform. 

3. Cheesiest pickup line a guy has ever thrown at you?

I sang the National Anthem for a minor league baseball game and a guy wrote his number on a baseball and said "Call me maybe?" It was at the time when that song was a huge hit. 

4. Biggest pet peeve

I really dislike when people are late, and I'm sitting there waiting on them, looking like a total fool! 

5. If you could work with one artist, living or deceased, who would it be?

Celine Dion!!!!! In the country genre I would give anything to do a duet with Brett Young or Josh Turner.

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