Cash Me Ousside Girl Is Getting Her Own Reality Show Because Of Course She Is


If you aren't familiar with Danielle Bregoli you need to watch the video above. It's started a movement when she said 5 magical words.

"Catch me outside. How about that?"

However the internet took that and turned it into "Cash me ousside how bou dah?" It's what it sounded like she was saying and it's become one of my favorite comebacks even when it makes no sense. 

The 14-year-old isn't well liked but it didn't stop her from becoming a viral sensation. Now it's being reported that she's getting a reality show.

TMZ says she's already signed up for her own reality show. Please help us. 

They say she was approached by 7 different production companies about a deal. So basically coming soon to s third rate cable channel near you?

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