How Do You Breakup With a Television Show?


Since 2010 my wife and I have been big fans of AMC's "The Walking Dead." Neither of us were fans of the horror or zombie genre of movies but there was something about this show that just sucked us in. 

We loved the story. We loved the characters. We loved everything about it. Until a couple seasons ago. 

Things were fine when Rick and company made camp at the prison. All the stuff about the Governor was spectacular. Then they all fled the prison and went on the run and right then is when things took a major turn for me as a fan. 

Remember the episode called "Slabtown" where it was just Beth in a hospital? That was the first episode I remember watching where I was bored. It only went downhill from there. 

I thought that things would get better when the group reached Alexandria but they somehow lost their way. I'm talking about the writers, of course. They somehow made me dislike characters that I loved at one point. They made the show boring. 

My question is: 

If I'm not happy with a show even though I've watched it from the very beginning, do I need to see it through?

My wife and I came to a mutual decision last after watching the latest episode, which we didn't even want to watch, that we were done with AMC's "The Walking Dead." After 7 years we are prepared to walk away after this season and say goodbye. There are only two episodes left, after all. 

Also, sorry guys, Negan is totally overrated and not nearly enough to keep us around. 

Sorry, Walking Dead. It's not us, it's you. 

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