Dragon Goes Missing at 5 Wits in Albany

5Wits Albany

Have you visited 5 Wits in Crossgates Mall yet? If not, you need to check this place out. They even need your help to locate a missing dragon!

I got this message from them this morning concerning the missing dragon: 

The fire-breathing dragon from “Drago’s Castle” at 5 Wits Albany in Crossgates Mall disappeared from her home early this morning, Operations Manager Zephyr Goza confirmed.

“The dragon has been exhibiting nesting behavior for several weeks, and she’s likely gone to look for a safe place to hide her eggs,” said Goza. “There is no reason to suspect the public is in any danger, although anyone who spots her should use caution and avoid approaching her.”

Noted dragonologists report that fire-breathing dragons typically slip away from their lair once a year in early spring to lay their eggs. During this time, the dragon will roam miles away from her home to find the best place for the eggs to incubate. Dragon eggs are approximately 8 inches long and reptilian in appearance with green and brown variations.

Goza believes the dragon will eventually return to 5 Wits Albany on its own, but he is asking for the public’s help in recovering the eggs. “We are offering a grand prize reward of a Single Adventure Party Package to the first person who returns an egg to us here at 5 Wits Albany,” said Goza. “Everyone else returning an egg will receive four free VIP passes. We’ve received reports of a dragon flying near Crossgates Mall, so that’s where folks should start looking.”

Anyone finding an unusually large egg is urged to upload a photo with the location (selfies are fine) to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with hashtags #DragonEggs and #5WitsAlbany before bringing the egg to 5 Wits Albany at Crossgates Mall. More information is available here

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