Research Says People Who Post Their Workouts On Facebook are Narcissists

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Do you often scroll through your Facebook feed and see photos of your friends who are working out? How does it make you feel? Are you happy for them or are you full of hate like Cantara?

If you are filled with hate you're not alone. 

Research shows that people who post about their workouts are narcissists, according to PsyBlog

Here's what they had to say:

"Although our results suggest that narcissists’ bragging pays off because they receive more likes and comments to their status updates, it could be that their Facebook friends politely offer support while secretly disliking such egotistical displays."

I will fully admit the committing this crime. As Quinn points out in his comments, I try not to post about my workouts every time I do so. Just when I feel pretty good about it. If I posted photos of me on my treadmill (yes Cantara, I run on my treadmill almost EVERY DAY) that would get pretty boring. 

Listen to the full segment below.

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