While Others May Poke Fun, Here's 5 Reasons We Love Luke Bryan

One of country music's biggest stars, and one of our favorite people, is Luke Bryan. The man has a boat load of hit songs, his fans love him, and in our eyes he can do no wrong. 

He's a frequent guest of the Bobby Bones Show and we welcome him with open arms every time that he stops by. Unlike other local morning shows who seem to really dislike Luke for some reason. 

Luke will also be at SPAC this summer on August 26th and you can bet we'll be there shaking our butts right along with him. 

So here's 4 reasons why we love Luke Bryan.

1. He's great at playing games!


2. His butt is great for being slapped


3. He can easily play us songs when he's put on the spot


4. Luke is a great sport when woken up very early


5. He's really good at Dolly Parton duets with Bobby

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