Local Man Teaches Men In Haiti How To Repair Musical Instruments

The Story: In April of 2016, Bill had the opportunity to personally assist Troy’s St. John’s Episcopal Church in their mission to Haiti. The Church is part of “The Empire Haiti Coalition”, a group of area churches joined together to maximize relief aid to this impoverished nation. In the past, Bill had refurbished used instruments for St. John’s destined to go to their sister church in Lascahobas, Haiti. When Bill learned that most of the instruments that he had sent previously were now in disrepair he offered to accompany the Church team’s next mission to Haiti to repair them. He also suggested that he teach the young men of the village how to repair their own instruments. In other words, teach them a new trade that they could continue the rest of their lives and possibly teach others.

Before he left on the trip, Bill obtained generous donations from many of his instrument repair suppliers of instrument repair parts and tools that he took with him to Haiti.

In only five days in Haiti, Bill had taught 6 men how to repair musical instruments, a trade they continue to this day.

Bill and his son Billy operate Cole’s Woodwind Shop located at 47 Phila Street in Saratoga Springs, NY on the ground floor of the legendary Café Lena building.

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