Roger Waters Talks Trump, Tour, & His New Album

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Rock icon Roger Waters was kind enough to call into the show this morning to talk with Quinn & Cantara about his legacy with Pink Floyd and of course his new tour, Us + Them, that hits Albany September 23rd

As far as the tour goes, Waters says it will be 75% of his musical history and the rest will be stuff off his new album, "Is This The Life We Really Want" which comes out in May. 

The guys also got the chance to ask him about Donald Trump and his feelings have not changed since he was inaugurated and he says that a lot of the new album is about that situation. 

Waters also says he still gets excited when he hears his songs on the radio. He also chimed in on his feelings on David Gilmour's wife doing the writing on Gilmour's new album. When asked what he thought of that Waters replied:

"Listen, I've got just about enough brain left to do serious thinking about serious things I'm not going to waste any of it on that."

Listen to the full interview below. 

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