Someone Reported The Giraffe Cam As Inappropriate

Facebook/Animal Adventure Park

Yesterday I stumbled onto something fantastic. A live Giraffe Cam from Animal Adventure Park just outside of Binghamton, NY showing the birth of a brand new baby giraffe. This is a wonderful thing since giraffe's are adorable, and it's also an educational tool. 

Animal Adventure Park reported this morning that animal advocacy groups reported their video as inappropriate, forcing YouTube to remove the live stream. Not cool. It's the Animal Rights extremists that caused the feed to be cut. 

What Animal Adventure Park is doing is helping to preserve the population of the giraffes in a positive environment. They would never bring harm to the animals in their park, as noted in the Facebook video they posted this morning. 

Here's hoping enough people complain to YouTube so that we cans see the live feed of this wonderful natural process happening!

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