We're In Love With Gamer Girl Danalynnex


The days of being a "geek" are over. Move over jocks, because the geeks have taken over the world. One of the best examples of that is cosplay. These women are absolutely gorgeous! 

Danalynnex has turned into one of our favorite geeky gals on the internet. She plays video games (you'll likely find her playing Overwatch right now) and dresses up as some of our favorite characters. Who doesn't love a good Harley Quinn cosplay? Her Sailor Moon is pretty good, too. 

Did you also happen to know that she used to call Schenectady, NY home? You may have even seen her wandering the SCCC campus! That's before she left for sunny California, and jokes on all of us as we dig out of the snow. 

Sorry guys, but she's taken. You'll have to find another way to creep on her. Facebook is pretty good, though. Here's hers!

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