'The Walking Dead' Toning Down Violence

If you were one of the people offended by the level of violence on the first half of season 7 of "The Walking Dead" you'll be happy to know that the writers and producers have decided to tone things down

They won't be toning it down for the whole season, but for the episodes they're still filming they're going to make adjustments. 

Early in the season The Parents Television Council said they felt that the hit show had crossed the line with the violent start to season 7. SPOILER: Negan beat two characters to death with his bat. I was not in the camp of thinking it was too violent. If anything I thought the show had finally caught up to how violent the comic books are. 

Read my open letter to people who were offended here

However with ratings plummeting it's not a shock to have the production team behind "The Walking Dead" make some adjustments. 

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