People Think Emma Watson's Voice Is Too Auto-Tuned


We're getting very close to the latest live action Disney film. "Beauty and the Beast" hits theaters on March 17th, and in the latest trailer we get a preview of Emma Watson's singing. See above.

According to some singing professionals it is very obvious that Watson's voice has been auto-tuned. 

Catherine Bolt, a presenter at Classic FM and a soprano says it's "fairly obvious" that auto-tune was used. She says she could tell from the first two notes. 

Bolt isn't bashing Watson. 

I think Emma Watson’s voice sounds fragile – she’s not a singer – but actually I think it has an innocence to it. And Belle is supposed to be an innocent girl embarking on a great, exciting story.

She says she's just upset that the studio didn't have enough courage to have "less than perfect" singing in their film.

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