VIDEO: It's In The Stars... Aries Will Come Home With You This Year!

Aries is a 10-month-old pit mix

"Have you checked your horoscope recently? Well,let me tell you what it said: "You will adopt a dog named Aries." Woah, what a coincidence! MY name is Aries! Since you're already here, let me tell you about myself: I'm the kind of guy who may need some time to warm up, but once I do, I sure do burn bright. I am pretty much everything they say an Aries should be - passionate (about toys and treats), bold, ambitious, and downright handsome...okay, maybe I added that last one myself, but you certainly can't deny it. I'm on the higher energy side, which may be a bit too ram-bunctious for young kids, so I think I would do best in a home with older kids. Like I mentioned before, treats are like diamonds to me and I am more than willing to show off my best sit to earn some. I would also be open to learning a lot more to keep my brain extra shiny. I could see myself living with a fellow canine companion. We would just need to meet first to be sure we're a good match (no astrologist needed). If learning about me has lit a fire in you, come on down to the shelter to meet me and I know ewe you will fall in love faster than you can say, 'zodiac.'"

Aries is a part of the MHHS Foster-to-Adopt program. In this program the shelter will typically conduct multiple meetings with applicants to provide support and behavioral modification strategies to assist the dog with transitioning to a new home. After all parties are confident and a good match is made, the dog enters the home on a 3-week foster-to-adopt period, during which Mohawk will match you with a behavior team member to help troubleshoot with any challenges that you have (usually remotely via phone/email). MHHS knows these dogs are going to be an investment to help them be their best self and they want to provide support.

To find out more and meet Aries, contact the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society.

 Check out this adorable video of Aries on Christmas!

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