How to Contact the Easter Bunny!

Alexandria, Virginia Holds Easter Bunny Drive Through Event

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Now that you’ve taken down the shamrocks and hearts from holidays past, it’s time to look ahead to the next stop on the holiday train - Easter. While you still have a few weeks to get your Peeps, chocolate eggs and all the sugary treats for your little ones’ baskets, it’s never too early to connect your kids to the Easter Bunny himself.

Thanks to technology, there are several ways to reach out to Easter’s mascot. Here’s how to put your little bunnies in touch with the Easter Bunny this year:

  • Phone call - Have a kiddo who wants to hear the Easter Bunny’s voice? There’s an app for that. The Call the Easter Bunny app lets you get a pre-recorded call from the Easter Bunny at a time you want where he’ll ask them questions, including their names.
  • Send a letter - Where does the Easter Bunny live? No one is certain, as he’s a rabbit of mystery, but we do know where he picks up his mail. And if your kid sends a letter to him at the Easter Island post office, they may even get a response. Write to:

Easter Bunny

Easter Island Post Office – Rapa Nui

Isla de Pascua, Chile

  • Track the Easter Bunny - Your curious kids can follow the Easter Bunny’s progress while delivering treats around the world using the Easter Bunny tracker. In addition to his location, it gives the number of baskets he’s delivered, how many carrots he’s eaten along the way and even how fast he’s going.
  • Email - No time for snail mail? Kids can send an email and include an email address so they can receive correspondence during the Easter season.
  • Call the Easter Bunny’s voicemail - He’s a busy bunny this time of year, so he doesn’t always have time to pick up the phone. But calling the Easter Bunny's voicemail lets kids listen to his voice message and record one for him, as well as text him to say if they’ve been good this year.

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