Britney Spears Jokes About Dropping A Book After Jamie Lynn's Memoir News

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Britney Spears seemingly shaded her younger sister, Jamie Lynn, after the Nickelodeon alum made her memoir announcement on Monday (October 11.)

In a new post via Instagram, the pop superstar shared a photo of her appearing indecisive, while revealing some “great news” about what could come in 2022. “I’m thinking of releasing a book next year," she told her followers, adding a winking emoji with its tongue sticking out. "But I’m having issues coming up with a title so maybe my fans could help !!!! Option #1 … 'Sh*t, I really don’t know' Option #2 … 'I really care what people think' !!!!' What do you guys think ????"

The reference is an obvious follow-up to Jamie Lynn’s memoir announcement, where the star said she owes the project to herself, her younger self and her daughters. “I’ve spent my whole life believing that I had to pretend to be perfect, even when I wasn’t, so for the first time I am opening up about my own mental health, because this process challenged me to have to be painfully honest with myself, and face a lot of hard things, that I normally would have just glossed right over, like I was taught to,” she wrote in her announcement post.

The release, which had a tentative working title as I Must Confess: Family, Fame and Figuring It Out, referencing her sister’s 1998 classic, “…Baby One More Time,” is now called Things I Should Have Said.

Britney, on the other hand, has called out her entire family once again for not standing up for her throughout the 13-year conservatorship. “I suggest if you have a friend that’s been in a house that feels really small for four months … no car … no phone … no door for privacy and they have to work around 10 hours a day 7 days a week and give tons of blood weekly with never a day off … I strongly suggest you go pick up your friend and get them the hell outta there,” she wrote.

“If you’re like my family who says things like 'sorry, you’re in a conservatorship' … probably thinking you’re different so they can f*ck with you !!!!” she added.

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