This Week's Weird News 8/27/21

A giant tortoise spotted snacking on a bird, a ghostly figure photographed outside a castle in Wales, and 550 sheep felled by a single lightning bolt in Georgia were among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this week.

The awesome power of Mother Nature was on full display this past week in the form of two jaw-dropping incidents. In the country of Georgia, ranchers were understandably dismayed and stunned when a strike from a single lightning bolt wound up killing a staggering 550 of their sheep that had been grazing on a mountaintop. Meanwhile, in Minnesota, a fourth-generation farmer could not believe his eyes when a quarter-mile-long swath of his bean field mysteriously collapsed 25 feet and created an enormous ravine on his land. Although what exactly caused the strange turn of events is unknown at this time, experts say it was likely the 'perfect' combination of heavy rainfall and a drop in the water level at a nearby river.

Proving that the animal kingdom can still surprise us, this past week saw researchers reveal that for the first time ever they had documented a giant tortoise hunting and eating a baby bird. The incredible scene was filmed earlier this summer on Frégate Island, which is part of the Seychelles archipelago in the Indian Ocean. In the footage, the sizeable reptile can be seen slowly stalking a tern chick that was stuck on a log until the unfortunate bird ran out of space and wound up falling victim to the hungry creature. Experts marveled at the heretofore-unseen tortoise behavior and speculated that it just might be a newly developed trait being exhibited by the shelled animals that reside on the island.

This past week saw a pair of particularly eerie incidents wherein something supernatural may have been caught on film. The first case came by way of Wales where a father and son visiting a historic castle snapped a photograph of what seems to be some kind of ghostly figure lurking on the grounds of the thirteenth-century site. Following that was a very weird video from Mexico which shows an inexplicable and undeniably creepy face suddenly appear behind a little girl as she descended a slide at a playground. The footage was posted online by the youngster's mother, who expressed shock over the scene and begged her friends on Facebook to offer some prosaic explanation for what the unnerving interloper might have been.

For more strange and unusual stories from the past week, check out the Coast to Coast AM website.

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