This Week's Weird News 8/20/21

The latest Loch Ness Monster sightings, North Korea and UFOs, and a shocking twist in the story of a mysterious hole found in the ISS were among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this week.

The famed Loch Ness Monster is having something of a moment thanks to several recent sightings of the legendary creature. This past week brought news of one case from late July in which a family visiting the iconic Scottish site caught sight of a curious anomaly that emerged from the water. The oddity was said to resemble a scaly black object about the size of a dinner plate. Meanwhile, an individual watching the Loch Ness webcam also noticed something peculiar which very well could have been Nessie. These two recent sightings will no doubt raise the ire of a man named Ron, who made headlines after he wrote a scathing review of his vacation to Loch Ness and groused that it was a massive disappointment because he didn't see the elusive monster.

This past week saw a strange update to a recent mystery when an anonymous official with the Russian space agency blamed an American astronaut for creating a curious hole that was discovered in a Soyuz capsule attached to the International Space Station back in 2018. The unnamed individual put forward a rather wild conspiracy theory in which he alleged that Serena Auñón-Chancello suffered "an acute psychological crisis" while serving aboard the ISS at the time and, in turn, caused the damage to the craft in the hopes of facilitating an early return to Earth. As one might imagine, NASA pushed back against the outrageous accusation, saying that they did not find the theory credible at all.

A particularly enlightening piece of news emerged this week by way of insights from a North Korean defector who was asked what people living in his former homeland thought about UFOs and aliens. Remarkably, he explained that residents are largely unaware of these subjects because the state-controlled media rarely ever mentions them, schools in the country barely teach students anything about space science, and the struggle to survive day-to-day life does not allow for musing about such fantastic topics. Incredibly, the defector said, the average North Korean likely does not even know what 'UFO' stands for and has not even considered the possibility of there being life on other planets.

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