Greta Van Fleet Continues To Tease New Release With Cryptic Video

Greta Van Fleet is back at it again with cryptic teaser videos.

On Wednesday (December 2), the band took to social media to post a 1:30 minute teaser video, with the caption “soon,” that seemed to promote the follow-up to 2018's Anthem of the Peaceful Army.

If the beginning of the video sounds familiar, Greta Van Fleet previously uploaded the first 41 seconds as promotion for the band's new song, “My Way, Soon.”

Singer Josh Kiszka narrated the clip in the longer video saying:
This is no place like any I've seen before. I'm suspended here. Time moving in all directions. Every moment an era. And every era is stardust. I'm everywhere and yet nowhere at all. Naked. Fearless. I've traveled through infinite doorways composed of shafts of bending light. Born to encounter metallic tapestries forged by the hands of alchemist gods. I've seen lands built by fire, torn by tyranny, wrapped in wires of foil. I've seen lands of infinite wonder baptized by spells of magical rain. Radiant civilizations embracing the intelligence of love. This is my long journey home. I will have seen worlds of creation before I return back to nothingness. In this very moment, or distinct in the faint and distant echoes voices heightened in song are the horns of war sounding on the wind.

Many fans were quick to comment one phrase, ”infinite doorways,” hoping that it's a hint at the album name after Greta Van Fleet posted then deleted an image, on Tuesday (December 1), of gold doorways on a black background that looked eerily like an album cover.

Since the band has been teasing a new album since 2019, fans are more than ready to finally be given the finished product.

“If y’all don’t stop playin where’s the album,” one fan commented while another wrote, “The wait will be worth it. Not going anywhere until everything drops.”

Hopefully “soon” will transpire to this month or even better, this week!

Photo: Getty Images // Instagram; Greta Van Fleet