Wing Day! Cooking Crispy Wings on The Grill

Today is national Chicken Wing Day. It is also going to be near 90 outside so I'm not whipping out the deep fryer. If you'd like to be my guest. I found this video of how to make grilled wings as crispy as deep fried wings. He has a grilling t-shirt so he's got to be good at it. I'm a gas grill guy, but I'm sure we can make this work. These look pretty good!

Here are some Wing Facts:

  • Buffalo wings originated in Buffalo, New York, where they are not called Buffalo wings, but just "wings" or "chicken wings."
  • Chicken wings became a US nationwide phenomenon after the Buffalo Bills in the NFL appeared four consecutive years in the Super Bowl in the early 1990s.
  • Thanksgiving is actually the most popular day to eat chicken wings – the Super Bowl comes in second.
  • According to an NCC survey, 54-percent of wing eaters prefer traditional, bone-in wings while 46-percent chose their boneless cousin. Boneless wings are typically white, boneless chicken breasts cut into strips, breaded or floured and tossed with Buffalo sauce.
  • 1.3-million chicken wings are eaten on Super Bowl weekend. If they were laid end to end, they would reach a quarter of the way to the moon or circle the Earth over two times.
  • Of those who eat chicken wings:
    • 46-percent prefer the drumette
    • 25-percent the flat
    • 10-percent prefer their wings whole
    • 19-percent say they don’t have a preference, they like them all.

photo: getty images

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