Madonna's Instagram Flagged For Spreading Coronavirus Misinformation

Photo: Getty

Photo: Getty

Madonna has never shied away from controversy and has always spoke her mind. In this case, however, it has gotten her Instagram account flagged. Madonna is on the list of people who shared some COVID-19 misinformation, something that social media platforms are cracking down on.

A video from Breitbart Media went viral earlier this week. It dismissed the use of masks, and said that doctors had successfully treated patients with Hydroxychloroquine. Madonna was one of the people who shared that. It also made the rounds in many anti-mask and anti-vax Facebook groups and had millions of views, even being shared by President Trump.

However many health and scientific officials have said the information in this video is false.

In an Instagram post Madonna said that a cure for COVID-19 had been found and was only being kept secret so that the rich keep getting richer. She also claimed that "they" would rather rule by fear. Instagram blurred the video and gave it a "false information" caption. Madonna then deleted it.

Madonna isn't the only social media account to be penalized for this. Donald Trump Jr's Twitter account was also limited for 12 hours for sharing it.

So far YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have removed the video.

Source: The Guardian

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