Back To School Is Getting Real

The last several months have been so surreal. This back to school stuff just got real for me. Last night we were on a zoom meeting with our daughter's college. She is supposed to be going back in a couple of weeks. They were going through the new rules for social distancing, mask wearing, how they have a special dorm for kids that need to be quarantined and they will be sending us an at home Covid test. They also went over how the class rooms have "zoom carts" that have a camera so they can do "on ground" and "on line" classes all at the same time. There were rules for dorms and suites and all the cleaning that needs to be done including by the students. Then there was everything that went into the food service, tents where students can meet was a lot to take in.

A ton of work went all the planning before a book is ever even opened. A big part of making it all work is a commitment by the students follow the rules including while they are in their rooms like wiping every thing down after they use things. Ya that part makes me nervous. If you have kids I don't think I need to explain. Frankly I'm not sure how all of this is going to work. I am hopeful, but I'm sure a lot of parents are nervous about sending kids back to school especially the younger kids. Hang in there and thank you to everyone at the schools who are doing their best to figure things out.

If you need something to lighten the mood, check out #SchoolSuppliesfor2020 on Twitter. It might be a little closer to reality than you want to go, but along with a deep breath it might make you feel a little better.

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