Saratoga Springs Bar Offering 'Cuomo Chips' To Order While You Drink

Yesterday bars and restaurants around New York were told that is customers wanted to drink they would need to order food. This new guidance has seen many establishments around the state scrambling to figure out the new regulations.

One Capital Region restaurant, Harvey's in Saratoga Springs, has gone viral after introducing $1 Cuomo Chips to their menu. That way customers can order these chips while the order their drinks.

While I understand what Harvey's is trying to do here, it largely misses the point of the new restrictions. The reason they were put in place is because many people are going to bars, not following the mask and social distance guidelines.

Obviously many bars and restaurants will now have to figure out what to do, but I don't think this is a solution that will last. The last thing we'd want to see is a location have to close because they are violating the restrictions put in place. Customers are going to have to be cooperative with wearing masks and complying with what the restaurants and bars need done.

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