Dear Major League Baseball Players and Owners, Stop Arguing Over Money

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Since the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States hard back in March live sports have pretty much been cancelled. The NBA and NHL seasons was postponed. Major golf events were cancelled. Even NASCAR had to stop. Major League Baseball had to cancel spring training and postpone their season as well.

Now we are a few months into this COVID-19 crisis and states are starting to reopen for business. In New York they've even encouraged professional sports to play, just without fans. That appears to be how we will finish sports in 2020 - no fans in the stands.

The NBA has figured out how to play the remainder of their season. The NHL has also figured it out. Both of them did it quietly behind the scenes and didn't come out with anything until they had a solution.

So what is the deal with the MLB? The players won't accept anything less than 100% of their prorated salaries. Monday the MLB owners (who seem as equally greedy) offered 75% of their prorated salaries for a 76-game season. The MLB Players Association quickly kicked that back. They've now proposed 89 games that would begin July 10 and they want 100% of their salaries. There are other things in this deal, but ultimately what the two sides can't agree on is money.

Click here to see the MLBPAs latest proposal.

I understand that not every player in the MLB makes millions of dollars. Some guys make a the league minimum. That's still a pretty significant amount of money. From the Associated Press, the MLB league minimum is over $500,000. Over half a million dollars.

If you are making the kind of money that MLB players make you have no right to cry poverty or complain about a pay cut when there are people in our country who cannot afford to pay their bills right now. Businesses that can't afford a loan because they can't pay it back because they may have to close their doors. Companies have asked their employees to take unpaid vacation or pay cuts. You know what those employees have done? Exactly that. Without question because we know what we need to do to keep things going.

At the same time the owners of MLB teams should be ashamed as well. They have more than enough money, too. Stop acting like no fans is going to crush you. Merchandise can still be purchased online.

This negotiation process has become very public and it is extremely tone deaf for the owners and players to be arguing over money with the current state of the economy in many of our states.

So please, players and owners, settle this behind closed doors. You've left a very sour taste in my mouth after all of this. You seem greedy, especially the players.

I hope to be able to watch baseball soon, but my view is certainly different.

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