First Interview with Jeopardy Greatest Of All Time

Yes we watch Jeopardy almost every night right after Wheel of Fortune. Side note did you see Pat Sajak's daughter turning letters while Vanna hosted last night? Last time she was on the show she was one year old and they showed the clip. Kind of fun. OK see the video of that below.

Anyway tonight starts the Jeopardy Greatest Of All Time in prime time on ABC 10. I guess they will play every night until someone wins 3 games so I'm not sure how many nights it will be on. The 3 Greatest did an interview on GMA that is worth watching if you are a fan. Now who do you root for? I gotta say I like James because he plays with reckless abandon. I also like old guys gotta stick together. Then there's Brad. Sorry Brad I don't remember you, but you won a lot of money so I'm sure you don't really care.