23 Life Changing Closet Items

Cluttered Closet

It's that time of the year when people start asking what you want as a gift for the holidays. I must be really turning into my Dad because I keep saying nothing. I really pretty much have all the junk I need unless you want to buy me a pontoon boat or something. Then this caught my eye. "23 Life Changing Things for Your Closet" I was skeptical. I mean come on, nothing in my closet is life changing unless you count the Chicago Cubs World Champion shirt counts. Then I started looking. Mind you they aren't all for me, but they would give us a lot of extra room. Here are some of the good ones. Check the link above for all of them. There are even links to order online

  • Motion Sensor Lights
  • Space Saving Hangers
  • Purse Hangers
  • Shoe Rack for 30 pairs of shoes
  • Hamper with Dar & Light clothing sides

photo: getty images

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