7 Tricks for a Juicier Turkey

I really can't wait until Thursday for the Turkey dinner. I know once it hits the table the frenzy will last for about 15 minutes but still. We kind of make it a family thing to make the turkey and stuffing and all. I am the guy in charge of basting and carving. Sometimes I'll even whip up the gravy although the results are hit and miss. Sometimes it's hard to make the gravy and carve the turkey and make sure everything is still hot, so we cheat on the gravy sometimes. See the blog from a few days ago about making the gravy and smashed potatoes a couple days early. Although, how do you make the gravy without the "drippings"? Not sure on that.

Saw this article about 7 hacks for a juicier turkey Below are some of the highlights

  • Make sure the turkey is completely thawed before you start cooking. Aa 20 pounder will need 5 days in the refrigerator
  • Use a good meat thermometer. It has to be at least 160 degrees to be safe, but if it goes much past 175 it can dry out. Not much room for error there
  • The breast is the first to dry out so wrap in foil, baste regularly and use ice packs on the breast when it's still in the fridge. It should be colder than the rest of the bird when you start cooking
  • When it's half way cooked splash it with 1/2 bottle of sweet wine. Never heard that one before

Click the link above for more on all of this. Here's to a juicy turkey!

photo: getty images

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