5 Thanksgiving Hacks That Make Cooking Less Stressful

I'm not sure why but I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. We'll have our little family all together. I may never get out of my pajama pants all day, there is the Macy's Parade and the Dog Show we watch every year. This year we may add a Disney Movie Marathon who knows. Oh and there's the Thanksgiving dinner.

Our Thanksgiving is pretty laid back, but maybe you are having a house full. It can get kind of stressful trying to get every thing cooked and get it on the table at the same time. You end up not having much time to catch up with family. (OK in some cases that may be a good thing but...)

Saw these 5 Thanksgiving Cooking Hacks that look really helpful!

Here are the highlights but the link it loaded with more info and recipes.

  1. Cook your turkey "High & Dry". Don't go there but that would make for some interesting stuffing wouldn't it. See what they mean on the link
  2. You can pre-cook a lot of things. Did you know you can do the mashed potatoes two days before along with the gravy & the stuffing? I sure didn't.
  3. Make your guests do stuff.

Hope that helps a little!

photo: getty images

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