Turducken Chips Are Coming! Plus Turducken History

We've all kind of heard of Turducken. Your kids don't know this but that guy the Madden football video game named after invented it. I think. You can tell the story over Thanksgiving dinner if you like. Goes something like this. He was a football player, who became a famous football coach, then a famous football announcer and they named the famous video game after him. He's always announce the Thanksgiving Day football game and would hand out a turkey leg to the best players. Problem was he wanted to hand out more than 2 legs. So he invented the 8 legged Turducken. A Turkey, stuffed with a Chicken & a Duck. Not sure how it actually tastes but you can see his explanation along with an actual recipe below.

Oh if all that seems like too much work tomorrow Pringle's is coming out with a Turducken Chip. See that below too. Not sure how that tastes either but it might be worth a try during Thursday Night Football.



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