28 Little Things That Keep People Happy

Portrait Of Squirrel On Grassy Field

I saw this list of 26 Little Things that Keep People Happy on Reddit. I clicked on it and had a beef with the first one. Squirrels. I have nothing really against squirrels. I don't really like it when they chew up our bird feeder but they gotta eat. They just stress me out. Like this morning I'm driving to work and one darts out into the road. I hit they brakes because I don't want to run him over. He stops and runs left then he stops and runs right again. At this point there was nothing I could do, but hope there wasn't a thump. Luckily there wasn't. Dude, just make up your mind! Work with me here.

Any way you can click the link to see the rest of the list. What's the little thing that makes me happy? When we decide to have a "snack party" for dinner. Ya that makes me happy. h so does the video below. Have a great weekend

photo: getty images

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