It's Punctuation Day. What's an "Interrobang"?

Question marks and exclamation signs illustration design

I saw it was National Punctuation Day and I was so excited!!! OK not really. Just wanted to use some extra punctuation. I was just noticing the other day that when I'm texting our kids I am getting pretty lax with my punctuation. I don't just ? when asking questions most of the time. Is it just me? Let's hope this doesn't turn into an epidemic

Today I did hear about an "Interrobang" for the first time. It sounds naughty but it's just when you use "?!" together. I didn't even know that was legal. It is said to be a "singular way to express an emphatic question". "Really?! I can't believe I learned that on Punctuation Day?!" Look at that. I used it in the form of a sentence. I know. Impressive right?!

photo: getty images

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