13 Unhealthy Things We Are Doing In The Kitchen

Frozen chicken meat

I saw this article the other day that said "13 Most Common Unhealthy Kitchen Habits To Break". Well I had to look. It's a miracle we aren't all sick!. Here's a list of some of the things we SHOULDN'T be doing

  • Defrosting Meat on the Counter Top. Guilty. Should do it in the fridge the night before. Right
  • Forgetting to wash reusable grocery bags. Wait you are supposed to do that? Guilty
  • Rinsing meat in the sink. Solution? Just cook it. Who knew?
  • Having raw meat above your veggies in the fridge. We just jam stuff in where there's room

See all 13 things that are unhealthy here. I'm trying to find one that we AREN'T doing

photo: getty images

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