Instapot The Rescue! 5 Items or Less Recipes For Busy Days

Crock Pot

This is our first fall with an Instapot. Just got one a couple of months ago. Yes we have had Crock Pots for years. They are OK, it takes for ever and to me they all have a "crock pot" taste to them. Maybe it's just me. If you have an Instapot you know how fast they are and the food we have made in ours so far has been really good. You can brown food in there. They are perfect for "school" nights when you have a lot going on.

Found "11 Easy 5 Ingredients or Less" recipes that might help you get back in the swing of things this week. Yes you can have the Salmon & Orange Ginger Sauce, the Chicken Burrito Lasagna, White Chicken Chili, Baked Potatoes & Pulled Pork...on a school night! They look pretty good.

photo: getty images

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