Plastic Straws Have Met Their Match!


Yes I like drinking with a straw. Until recently I never really gave them much thought, but they are made of plastic and tons of them are used every day. They end up in landfills and stuff. I remember using paper straws when I was a kid. They'd always get soggy and weren't much fun. People are coming up with alternatives. There are glass straws you can buy. Sorry I don't want to carry around my straw. I'd probably need some kind of protective case like I need for my phone. The solution? Pasta Straws!!! Why didn't I think of that? They are making them a little stronger than regular pasta. If they don't mess with the taste of what you are drinking I'm in! Might even be a crunchy post meal snack.

There are also straws made of rice and other things. Why am I just hearing about these? You can even buy them on Amazon.

OK that problem is solved. Let's move on to styrofoam.

photo: getty images

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