Do You Have a List Of Summer Things To Do Still?

The last big weekend of summer is coming up! I'm trying to keep a positive mind set by thinking back of all the things we did this summer. There is also a list of things I haven't done yet. Might be trying to cram a lot in over the next few days. Anyone else?

Summer To Do List:

  1. SPAC Concert - Yes. Two actually River Summer Night Out & Hootie. Zac Brown & Lynyrd Skynyrd are in town Fri & Sat if you need to work one in.
  2. Empire State Plaza Fun - Yes. 4th of July with Dennis DeYoung of Styx & Food Festival
  3. Valley Cats Game - Nope. The have games this Sat, Sun & Mon
  4. A Fair - Yes Saratoga County Fair. The State Fair goes on through the weekend if you want to go
  5. Lunch at Jumpin' Jacks, Country Drive-In, Jack's etc. - Nope but we did get ice cream Mama's in Burnt Hills and it was great
  6. A Hike - Yes. Went to Peebles Island for the first time. It's was a good walk.
  7. Go to The Beach - Nope but did swim in the pool.
  8. See a Movie - Yes just snuck this in last week. Saw "Blinded By The Light". It was good
  9. Stain the Deck...again - As you can tell by the photo the answer is no. I did paint the stairs and trim last weekend so I get half credit
  10. Get mulch - Kind of. Wanted to get a big pile delivered but ended up getting 4 bags. Still a lot of bare spots
  11. Power Watch the deck & house - Did the deck. Another thing done just last week. The house will have to wait till next year
  12. Get the driveway sealed...again - Nope. I think this can be a fall thing
  13. Make S'mores - Yes. We used the fire pit one time. Now it just collects rain water during storms
  14. See a Major League Baseball Game - Yes. Saw the Met's last week. The game went 14 innings so I think we get extra points for that.

As I think back to the summer of 2019 I will give it a B. Did quite a few things even though many of them were just last week. Hey summer ain't over yet. Let's see what else we can all jam in this weekend.

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