Happy Lefties Day! Here Are Lefty Facts

Yes I have the mark of a lefty. That dirty pinky finger thing. Today is International Lefty Day so let's celebrate. First there is probably not lefty on the face of the earth that endorses those lefty scissors. Let's face it. They just don't work. The end.

Here are some interesting lefty facts:

  • No major league baseball team is ever going to let you play an infield position other than first base. Just the way it is.
  • 30 Million people in the US are lefties
  • 12% of the world is left handed and more are male than female although I know a lot of female lefties. Tracy on our morning show is a lefty too. So is our boss Kristen
  • Left handed ens are a thing. More here.
  • Left handed college grads before 26% richer than righties
  • More historic geniuses were left-handed and had IQs over 140. Einstein, Isaac Newton, Ben Franklin & Charles Darwin were lefties
  • Lots of Presidents have been lefties. Barack Obama, James Garfield, Herbert Hoover, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush & Bill Clinton to name a few
  • 1447 English words can be typed with one the left hand. Only 187 are typed with only the right hand. OK that's weird.

So left-handed people, enjoy your day. Lefties you are great. Or is that just a left-handed compliment? You decide.

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