Help! The Red Cross needs Blood!

Blood Drive

We need your blood!! Well, the American Red Cross does! Due to the Fourth of July holiday, donated blood hit a lull last week, and The Red Cross is in need as they have only a three day supply of most blood types and only a two day supply of Type O blood. Ideally, they would like to have a 5-day supply of all types. If you are able, please consider visiting a local blood drive to donate, you are truly helping to save a life! And if seeing blood makes you squeamish, or, if you are like me...seeing your own blood - CAN'T HANDLE THAT - the trick is to simply look away. Don't give into temptation...just let the qualified people do their thing and don't look! Just like Indy told Marion at the end of Raiders when they opened the Ark - no matter what - don't look!!! There are dozens of local blood drives coming up in the next couple of weeks, and you can check them all out HERE thanks to the Times Union.


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