The Last VW Bug Will Made Today

I heard that the last VW bug will be made today in Mexico. It's kind of sad. These things were are part if history. Of course there was Herbie and all his movies but they were also a part of flower power and all that too.

The Beetle could be purchased in 1969 for about $1800. It's a vehicle associated with people and love but it has a dark history. Adolf Hitler helped found Volkswagon for military and civilians. The article I read said the British relaunched it after the war and changed it's image. The Beetle hasn't been made in Germany since the 1970s. Read the article of the history of the Bug here.

I always loved the Herbie The Love Bug movies! Is there anything he couldn't do? Let's just hope he doesn't get mad.

photo: getty images

Herbie The Love Bug Appears At The VW Classic

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