Did you play in the sprinkler as a kid?

I've always LOVED summer! That's one of the main reasons we are moving to Florida. The heat has NEVER bothered me! As a kid, all I wanted to do every day was play outside during the summer months. And one of my favorite things was to get wet! We very sadly had not one but TWO pools collapse on us during my elementary days. For a young boy who loved to swim, these were two very tragic days! So, each time, after the collapses I had to turn to something that wouldn't collapse, our sprinklers! Did you play in them? Granted, a sprinkler was no where NEAR as fun as a pool, even a blow up pool, BUT, nonetheless...there was fun to be had.

The sprinkler picture in Picture #1 gave you the most 'get wet' opportunity as it just throws water everywhere, but they are a bit boring. Nothing exciting about that style.

Picture #2...that one definitely has the best summer sound! The 'cha-cha-cha--ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch' sound! It was fun to let it blast you in the face or top of the head, much like that dog in the picture. We had a dog who loved to do that! But...you would have to chase that sprinkler to get wet!

And in Picture #3...the standard. It covered a lot of space, you can jump through it over and over, but another sprinkler you need to chase somewhat to get wet. But this sprinkler, you could create jumping games with your friends...unless, they already had a pool and you weren't invited in that day. So sad.

What was your favorite kind of sprinkler?

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