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With Tracy enjoying France for the next couple of weeks, I thought it might be fun if over the next two weeks, we discussed our ALL-TIME favorites! Sometimes it's really hard to pick just one of something! In fact, I refuse! Well, sort of - my lists are all ranked, so I actually have picked just one. Let's start our discussion with favorite movies! And here are my ALL-TIME TOP 5!

Number 5 -

Father of the Bride

I love Steve Martin in this movie. My favorite role ever...if I could choose one role to play in my love of acting, it would be George Banks. This is one of those movies I can watch over and over, and that was even before I had a little daughter. And now...with a 7 year old little girl...I watch that movie through different eyes and its even more powerful!! I feel exactly the same as Steve Martin does and it makes me cry!! But man do I love this movie!!

Number 4 -

Avengers: Infinity War

Yes - BIG TIME Marvel movie geek! Not the comics - just the movies! I started the journey with Iron Man back in 2008, and it completed (in this Marvel Universe) this past spring with Avengers: Endgame - which I LOVED and want to see 10 more times! But man - Infinity War was so damn good! Basically non-stop action, extremely funny and total peril for our heroes! I love a movie where you don't know how the good guys will win! And as long as Infinity War is still on Netflix, I'll watch it on loop!

Number 3 -

A Few Good Men

I can seriously watch this movie over and over and over whenever it's on cable. Doesn't matter where in the movie it is, I'll watch and can't wait for the big ending court room scene...simply the best ever! And I DON'T CARE what people think of Tom Cruise, I love him in this movie. So many quotable line and such great performances. Jack is only in a few scenes...but he is so fantastic in this movie - his best ever!

Number 2 -

Lord of The Rings Trilogy

Yes, I'm cheating here. It's my list, so I can cheat. I love all three of these, and if I watch one, I have to watch the other two. All three are filmed so well and epic, I can just watch the camera angles. Yup - that's dorky! Don't care! Now -if I HAD to choose - I'd pick The Two Towers as my favorite

Number 1 -

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Here it is! THE reason why Harrison Ford is my all-time favorite. Indiana Jones. It doesn't get any better. The vulnerable hero who can get beat up but will always find a way to win, even if it's lucky! My daughter is still a bit young, but I CAN'T WAIT to watch them with her (in fact, Raiders was her first movie ever. When she was 4 days old, I watched it while feeding her in the middle of the night!) I remember when I was a little boy and first saw this movie, my aunt and uncle took us. Both my brother and I pouted because we wanted to see Superman II and had never heard of Raiders of the Lost Ark. I thought it was going to be some dumb Cowboys and Indians movie. Well - I'll just say this...good pick Uncle Joe!!

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