1 Fun Netflix Movie 1 I Don't Get

Father's Day was rainy and we didn't do much, but it was still a fun and relaxing day. We ordered pizza...Clifton Park Pizza...love the wings and spuds...and poked around Netflix looking for movies. One we watched was kind of a waste of 2 hours the other one was kind of funny and fun.

First "The Box" I guess it came out in 2009. For some reason it was set in the 1970s. These people who are suddenly in need of some cash get this mysterious box with a big red button. If they push it someone they don't know in the world they don't know dies and they get $1 Million Dollars. They have to decide within 24 hours if they will push the button or not. Makes you think right? Buy the end of it I was confused and disappointed and thinking we could have watch Mall Cop again instead. It just kind of ended...or did it? I still don't know. Did you ever watch this movie? Maybe it was just me.

The second movie was a Netflix original called "Murder Mystery" with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. Yes Adam Sandler movies usually have the same 5 people in them and a lot of bodily function jokes..and yes the usually make me laugh. Adam's wife also made her usual cameo in the movie. Maybe Jennifer classed it up a little. This was a fun murder mystery that was fun to play along with. NO it won't win an Oscar, but it's Adam Sandler. No one is expecting that. It's a fun lazy day movie when you don't want to think too much. He also has a really bad mustache, which somehow makes it more fun. Of the two movies this is my pick...or there's always Mall Cop. :)



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