This is All Dad Wants for Father's Day

Our daughter gave me this shirt last year for Father's Day. Yes I love it, but you have to be careful where you wear it. For example our new dog got out of the yard a few weeks ago and I was running after her with no shoes while wearing this shirt. Not sure I made a good impression on the new neighbors I met along the journey.

Sunday is Father's Day and while I can't speak for all fathers I think I can get in the ballpark. Father's Day isn't that complicated. Just pick a couple things off this list of things and I think your Dad will be happy. This is my list of what I want for Father's Day

  • Cheese Cubes. Yes slices are OK but cube always taste better
  • Beefy Jerky...not a beef "Stick". There's a difference. When in doubt go with the thin stuff. I will accept Slim Jims
  • I want to watch a John Wayne or Clint Eastwood marathon. No one can sit on their phones or leave the room. You have to watch with me and at least pretend like you like it
  • If you break something don't bug me about it. I bet you can fix it if you try
  • If you take something out of the tool box put it back. In the same place
  • If you are fixing the thing you broke and you used the rest of the duct tape, replace if it means paying more at CVS
  • Once I sit down in my recliner I'm not getting up to "come and see this". I just am not doing it. Unless it's the refrigerator bring it to me
  • I want to eat something charred on the grill with a lot of salt. I don't mind cooking it. Today I'm not worrying about my blood pressure because you are already lowering it by doing all the things above
  • If you want to get me some kind of beverage I could go for some "comedy beer". You know one of those variety packs. It keeps life interesting
  • Don't ask me for money or to use my credit card to buy something on Amazon because you only have cash. What ever it is you don't really need it. I haven't gotten a new belt in 4 years
  • Finally, I reserve the Father's Day right to add to this list at any time even if it's not what I said 2 days ago. Sorry kid truth is I'm faking most of this Dad stuff. I like manuals and didn't get one.

See Father's Day is pretty simple and it probably won't cost more than a roll of duct tape and possibly some cheese. I don't need much. Tie? What's a Tie?

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