Waitress Review

Last night our family had he opportunity to be at opening night of Waitress at Proctors. First can I just say Proctors is a beautiful theater? It really is a great place to have in the Capital Region. Now onto the show.

Here's a spoiler alert. Our Waitress is not blonde. There I said it. It didn't matter. The actress who played Jenna was awesome. All the acting was excellent. They have got this thing down. Even a bouquet toss through the air landed perfectly on beat with the end of a song.

I went into the show not wanting to know much about it other than it involved pie. This show has some very funny moments, but it's not just all a bunch of fluff and great music (written by Sara Bareilles). There is some pretty deep relationship and life stuff in there. I gotta say I didn't lose interest at any time and felt for the characters. Ya my man card is on double secret probation now. So be it.

I also loved the set. It was a scenery. The set was kind of on top of the Proctors stage. There were things mechanically moving in and out of scenes all night. You really felt like you were in a diner one moment and then in Jenna's home the next. Flawless transitions.

Here's the bottom line:. If you can fit this into your schedule it's really worth seeing. Oh and you can buy little pies. The are kind of pricey at $10 each but, I hear some of the money helps charity

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