18 Disney Hacks To Save Hundreds of Dollars

Yes I love going to Disney World, but let's face it. It ain't cheap. You can get the books on all the Disney tricks. There is so much to remember on how to save time, money etc. I found this article that said "18 Disney Hacks to Save You Hundreds".

Here is pretty much what it says:

  • Be prepared with things like ponchos & umbrellas. Don't buy them at Disney
  • Same with souvenirs. Buy them off Disney property. Good luck with that one
  • Bring your own strollers or wheel chairs if you need them
  • Eat breakfast before you go to the park & bring some food in with you.
  • Stay at a Disney resort. I've always wondered about this one
  • Take the shuttles when you can. Parking is $25 a day
  • Go to a time share presentation. Don't know about you but, no thanks. I'd rather pay more than have people working me on this stuff.

See the rest of the tips using the link above. If you are going have a Mickey ice cream bar for me.

photo: getty images

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