Did Jeopardy James Quit?

Spoiler alert. If you didn't watch last night stop now.

In our house we are regular Jeopardy & Wheel of Fortune watchers. Last night I think there was a lady from Clifton Park on Wheel but I'm not 100% sure. Either way she had a couple of great chances and just couldn't the answers. Hey it happens, but that doesn't happen to Jeopardy James.

Last night he was up against a couple of pretty good players. Emma was ahead but a couple thousand dollars going into final Jeopardy and ended up beating the champ ending his 32 day win streak. He also was on the brink of being the all time champ Ken Jennings. Yes he won over $2.4 million but I was thinking he lost on purpose last night. Did he want to leave Ken as the champ? Was he tired of playing? Was it just me? Then I had to go back and do the math.

James was clapping for Emma the entire game and in the end all three players got the final Jeopardy answer correct. I went back and watched the video. The gambler known for going "all in" had $23,400 yet he only bet about $1,399 on final Jeopardy. Emma had $26,600 and bet $20,201. If he had gone all in she still would have won by $1. Not only did I not know the answer, but they also are much better at math than I am. It seems his only chance was to hope she got it wrong.

I realized once again that I'm not smart enough for Jeopardy. I guess I'll have to just go back to Wheel of Fortune (which I'm still not very good at) or just settle for being a Price is Right fan and just jump around and scream a lot. You aren't the only one who lost last night James. Ah but it was a great run.

Here's the final and some of his accomplishments. Followed by some fun tweets.

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